Liberal utopia California plunges to poorest state in America as economic policies of the Left take their toll

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The liberal utopia known as California now has the fifth largest economy in the world, with GDP that just surpassed $2.7 trillion, yet somehow California is the worst state when it comes to wealth inequality. If liberals know how to redistribute wealth so well, why does the liberal-ran state of California have the largest percentage of poor people and a rising rate of homelessness? High taxes, welfare dependency programs that inflate living costs, and the incompetent catering to illegal immigration have left California’s Middle Class behind and created the worst wealth gap in the nation.

California is a rich state, but has the highest percentage of people living below the poverty line

After factoring in cost of living, California has the highest percentage of people living below the poverty line. According to census measures, which include housing costs, food stamp participation, and housing assistance, 19 percent of Californians live below the poverty line. The U.S. national average is 14 percent. The real estate market in California favors the rich and makes slaves out of the middle class. Because of housing vouchers and rising taxes, the Middle class shrinks and the poor class becomes the homeless class.

Homelessness rates and drug use have increased, especially on the streets of California’s inner cities. Los Angeles and San Francisco are the worst cities, with feces on the streets and hepatitis and typhus outbreaks growing. This is deeply concerning; especially when liberals have all the answers, blaming Republicans for tax cuts that allegedly steal from the poor to enrich the top one percent. If it wasn’t for Trump-led Republican tax cuts in 2017, California’s GDP would not have gone up to $2.7 trillion like it has. Even with soaring GDP, liberals can’t find a way solve the wealth inequality problem in their liberal utopia of welfare dependency games.

Most contradictory, California is home to Silicon Valley’s Big Tech empire, which continues to monopolize the industry with billions of dollars in assets and revenue. Mark Zuckerburg alone is worth $70 billion; he believes in a universal welfare system for all people (to become dependent upon and impoverished to). It seems liberals know how to protect their own power, as they collect more and more tax revenue to benefit their people at the top. Everyone else is viewed as peasants.

Liberal policies drive away the Middle Class, create a homeless class and government dependency

If the liberal elite are so forward-thinking, why have their policies resulted in the worst wealth inequality in the nation? The liberal tax system in California takes from its most hard working people to make it easier for the rich and well-connected to stay rich and well-connected. Because of this, the middle class is leaving California in droves and heading to states that embrace economic freedom and individual liberty.

One third of welfare recipients are from California! Liberal policies are creating dependence, just as planned. Energy regulations have caused the cost of electricity to skyrocket by 500 percent from 2011 to 2017. Because of rampant use of compassionate housing vouchers, rent costs are a stunning 43 percent higher in California, compared to the national average. The safety net that the liberal elite believe in is one that catches and holds people captive. As the cost of living goes up to pay for liberal programs, the middle class disappear and only the richest remain, surrounded by a very poor homeless class and a poor class with no choice but to depend on the government.

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